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Liberals Caught Lying Again: Capitol Police Chief Admits Capitol Was Evacuated Due To Bomb Threat Not Protestors.

It was all a Big Lie.
We’ve all been fed lies for months now.

And Democrats and the media continue to push the lies.

It was never an insurrection. It was never an armed mob. It was a pipe bomb found outside the RNC on the day of the protests.

And they’ve never found the culprit. Funny how that works!
Hello, deep state!

The Examiner reported on this back in February.

The discovery of a pipe bomb outside the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington on Jan. 6 prompted police to evacuate two congressional buildings, not, as was believed, the attack on the U.S. Capitol, senators heard Tuesday.

U.S. Capitol Police learned of the discovery of two pipe bombs on Capitol Hill around the same time, just before 1 p.m. ET that Wednesday. Capitol Police responded to one bomb discovered by an RNC staff member at the organization’s office, just a few blocks from the Capitol. Metropolitan Police Department officers responded to a second pipe bomb that was spotted outside the nearby Democratic National Committee headquarters. Each department sent officers to respond, hurting the Capitol Police’s ability to secure the Capitol since MPD was called to the Capitol minutes after the bombs were discovered.

“That resulted in the evacuation of two congressional buildings, the Cannon House Office Building, as well as one of the Library of Congress buildings. So it took extensive resources,” then-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund said in a joint hearing before the Senate Rules Committee and Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Tuesday afternoon.

“So the assault on the Capitol is not what caused the evacuations of those buildings? The discovery of those pipe bombs is what caused the evacuations of those?” asked Republican Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford.

“That is correct,” said Sund.

And yet the lies continue.

This took place during Senator Lankford’s questioning.

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Suspect in custody, lockdown at Sylmar High School ending. Liberal Media Burying the Story After Suspect Description Is Released

Sylmar Charter High School was placed on lockdown Monday afternoon as police investigated a report of a possibly armed man spotted near the campus.

Shortly before 3 p.m., police reported they had taken the suspect into custody and the lockdown was ending. There were no injuries reported.

Police responded at 12:27 p.m. to Dronfield Avenue and Sayre Street for a call about man armed with a knife waving it at passing vehicles.

After officers responded, they called for backup and said it was possible the man had a rifle.

A perimeter was set up in the area as officers look for the man and the school was placed on lockdown. After the LA School Police released the suspects description which the mainstream media failed to share at all, The Liberal Media dropped the story. See if you can guess why

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WATCH: Investigators have confirmed that the human remains found at the scene match DNA of person of interest Anthony “Tony” Quinn Warner.

From The Raid On Anthony “Tony” Quinn Warner’s Home

BUT WAIT…We Know shots were fired prior to the explosion, and we know it wasn’t the Police. So who was shooting at who? There can not be 1 man behind this.

Anthony “Tony” Quinn Warner Used aliases to purchase New York Properties reportedly, may be worth looking into. Updates to come.