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BREAKING: Biden Is Putting American Soldiers In Harms Way To Antagonize Russia. Russia Has To Scramble Jets To Intercept American Planes Sent To Fly Over Russian Airspace By Biden.

A Russian MiG-31 fighter jet has been scrambled to intercept a US Air Force reconnaissance aircraft, RC-135, flying over the Sea of Chukotsk, the Russian Defence Ministry announced.

“To identify the air target and prevent the violation of Russian airspace, a MiG-31 fighter from the air defence forces of the Pacific Fleet took to the skies. The crew of the Russian fighter identified the air target as a US Air Force RC-135 strategic reconnaissance aircraft and escorted it over the waters of the Sea of Chukotsk,”

The Russian Defense Ministry said.

Russian MiG-31 fighter jets scrambled to intercept US reconnaissance aircraft over Sea of Chukotsk. In the early morning on May 6th. Biden has shown a pattern of poking and antagonizing Russia. Relationship’s with Russia who holds the second biggest nuclear stockpile in the world, was at an all time high under Trump’s administration. This pattern continued early this morning when Biden and his administration ordered American Pilots to fly over Russia in restricted Russia airspace. So far the only reports available are that Russia did indeed send jets to intercept the American planes. If a Russian jet illegally entered US airspace as we just did under Biden’s command to Russia we would immediately intercept and quickly engage. No reports on conflict have come out so as of now it is pretty safe to assume there have been no causalities. This will not be this case if Biden continues to war monger for his own profit around the world.

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Breaking: CNN Tried To Escalate Russia and Ukraine Tensions With Fake News. Moscow calls out CNN for ‘failing to fact-check’ video that supposedly shows Russia bolstering its military presence along the Ukrainian border

CNN posted another Russian hit piece about how Russia is the aggressor at the border. Obviously with the intent to help justify Biden’s war with Russia to the American people who overwhelming don’t support Biden’s war mongering. Only problem for CNN? The video they claimed was in Russia had Ukrainian trains, stations, and insignias in it. The video is obviously from the Ukrainian side. Actual journalist quickly found the real location from the video. Watch the video from RT covering what Moscow had to say about CNN’s lies.

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Conflict Reporters Believe The Next World war Is Near – Only A Matter Of Time Before The Biden Admin Uses A False Flag To Justify War With Russia

Russia has began establishing no flight zones and restricted areas around the black sea.

EU foreign ministers summit over. High Rep Josep Borrell speaking now to press. He says the “over 150,000 Russian troops amassing at Ukraine’s borders” is “very concerning”. He commends Ukraine for its restraint in not responding and Escalating things and urges Russia to de-escalate the situation.


The Biden Administration continues to ignore the will of the people and get more involved. This is obviously because Burisma and Ukraine have Senile Joe Biden in their pockets. The US Air Force RQ-4A Global Hawk high-altitude reconnaissance drone is conducting its daily monitoring of the activity of the Russian military:


Krasnodar Territory


Now over the Caucasus Range


White House Nat’l Security Adviser Jake Sullivan spoke with Russia Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev “…discussed the prospect of a presidential summit between the United States and Russia and agreed to continue to stay in touch”


This wouldn’t be the first time the establishment and Biden have tried to frame Russia and monger up a war.

Previously Liberals fabricated a story that Moscow was putting bounties on U.S. Troops heads. This of course was false and just a failed attempt at tricking weak minded American’s into calling for war.

Earlier Not A News Network Got Exclusive video showing Ukraine has listen to Biden and NATO’s war mongering and began attacking civilian areas with Mortars in Russia

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Ukraine Strikes Russia: 120mm mortar of the Ukrainian army strikes at the village of Yakovlevka. American’s Must Oppose War Alongside Biden’s Business Allies In Ukraine.

120mm mortar of the Ukrainian army strikes at the village of Yakovlevka (northern suburb of Donetsk). Again, children’s voices are heard in the background. People are walking along the street. Watch Below:

Ukrainian army continues to strike at the northern suburb of Donetsk (Spartak settlement) using 82 and 120 mm mortars – DPR representative office in the JCCC