Tim Ryan Doesn’t Show Up To His Planned Voter Registration Rally at Ohio University

The Athens Messenger reported Tuesday morning that Tim Ryan would be attending a rally at Ohio University this week on September 20th at 4:15pm. Students at Ohio University also received emails Tuesday that said Tim Ryan would be on campus this week and “Tim Ryan’s campaign will be hosting a voter registration event Today at Walter Hall from 3-5pm”.

At the event on Ohio University’s campus there were only 24 total chairs set up in the Walter Hall Rotunda, which can hold up to 200 people.

Photo courtesy of Ohio University student Cameron Lowery

Democrat Candidate for State Auditor Taylor Sappington was at the event and spoke for a for about 30 minutes before apologizing that Tim Ryan was unable to make it. Sappington said all he knew was Tim had a “fever”, could not make it, and wished him well.

The Tim Ryan campaign has repeatedly targeted JD Vance because he doesn’t watch or live tweet things like Ohio State games and missed last Saturdays Ohio State University football game because he was having a campaign rally in Tim Ryan’s hometown Youngstown, Ohio. Tim Ryan’s campaign sent out a tweet to JD Vance to remind him not the miss kickoff which was at the same time Vance would be in Youngstown talking to working class citizens in Tim Ryan’s current district. Ironically it was reported that Tim Ryan also missed the Ohio State game Saturday night anyways.

JD Vance received a standing ovation from the crowd in Youngstown Saturday afternoon:

The most recent polls for the 2022 Ohio Senate race on FiveThirtyEight.com show Vance leading by 4 points last week.

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