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Biden has Declared “war” on Unvaccinated Americans

CNN Says “White House officials are devising ways to fight the spread of dangerous falsehoods about Covid-19 vaccines, administration officials told CNN, as Republicans and their media allies ramp up their vocal skepticism about vaccines.” “We are seeing the impact of the disinformation,” a senior administration official said.

Biden on Wednesday will shoot vaccine information videos with Fauci and Olivia Rodrigo, a pop sensation the White House hopes will lure young people into getting shots.

It’s not just voices on conservative outlets. The White House is also wrestling with how to combat vaccine misinformation on large social media platforms. In May, Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, confronted Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg about vaccine misconceptions he said stemmed from “postings on Facebook.”

“I’ve told Mark Zuckerberg directly that when we gather groups of people who are not vaccinated and we ask them, why aren’t you vaccinated, and they tell us things that are wrong, tell us things that are untrue, and we ask them where they’ve heard that, the most common answer is Facebook,” Klain told The New York Times.

While noting measures Facebook took to help people find vaccines, Klain declined to weigh in on whether companies like the social media giant should be regulated over issues like vaccine misinformation, saying it was a “policy decision” up to the administration.

There have been ongoing conversations between administration officials and social media platform executives on combating vaccine misinformation.

“I really don’t have a good explanation about why this is happening. I mean, it’s ideological rigidity, I think,” Fauci surmised during an appearance on CNN.

“Why are we having red states and places in the South that are very highly ideological in one way not wanting to get vaccinations? Vaccinations have nothing to do with politics. It’s a public health issue,” he said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “It doesn’t matter who you are. The virus doesn’t know whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican or an independent. For sure, we know that.”

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