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HR. 666 Will Declare Racism A Public Health Crisis In The U.S.

The Biden Administration just keeps getting more pathetic. Ayanna Presley has introduced HR 666: The “Anti-Racism in Public Health Act”. It will establish a CDC “National Center on Antiracism and Health and a law enforcement violence prevention program” They’re not letting up.


Racism will be declared a national public health crisis. The CDC would “develop new knowledge in the science and practice of antiracism” This pseudoscience would be “transferred into practice” by “developing interventions” so that “a healthy society can be realized”


Non competitive grants for public and non profits devoted to “antiracism”, the extortion branch of Critical Race Theory. The establishment of 3 regional “antiracism centers of excellence”


Antiracism brainwashing sessions for public health professionals and researchers


A “law enforcement violence prevention program” to hand out more grants to whacko liberal groups for “studies” on police violence and non-police alternatives

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