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The Biden Voter Border Crisis™ – More Kids In Cages, More Drugs, More Crime, Thank Those Who Voted For Biden

Let’s Begin late last year. In October 2020, Joe Biden said “coyotes” didn’t bring migrant children to the US – Mexico border. Instead he claimed they got separated from their parents. The liberal media mocked Trump’s use of the word “coyotes.”

However, “coyote” is a common term for human smugglers along the U.S.-Mexico border.

When it was Biden’s turn to speak, he argued that the 500-plus children had in fact entered the country with their mothers and fathers. “Coyotes didn’t bring them over, their parents were with them,” he said. “They got separated from their parents, and it makes us a laughingstock, and violates every notion of who we are as a nation.”

Here’s the clip:

Biden didn’t even know enough about the border to know what coyotes were. Yet somehow liberals still thought he would solve America’s border problems.

Trump has embarrassed Biden since before the elections. As shown here with Juilo Rosas of Town Hall’s (and Jorge Ventura of Daily Caller’s) diligent coverage at the Rio Grande on the US- Mexico border. Yes. It is coyotes. (The term means professional human smuggler.)

During the Trump Administration AOC accused Donald of running concentration camps.

AOC has of course been silent since the number of kids in cages has exploded thanks to Biden Voters and the liberals. The truth is what Jen Psaki and the Biden Administration SAY about the US – Mexico border, is different from what the current White House DOES there.

Two federal whistleblowers say they witnessed conditions that “caused physical, mental, and emotional harm affecting dozens of children” at the largest of the government’s shelters for migrant youths.

Children inside the Biden administration’s largest shelter for unaccompanied migrant youth were subjected to filthy living conditions and medical neglect under the watch of unqualified government contractors, two federal whistleblowers said in a complaint filed Wednesday.

Laurie Elkin and Justin Mulaire, two federal employees who were detailed to the Fort Bliss emergency intake shelter near El Paso, Texas, filed a whistleblower complaint to Congress alleging they witnessed intolerable noise, filth, and odors inside the large tents where children are housed; contractors who were unqualified to work with youths; and hostility, indifference, and resistance to providing medical treatment to sick kids.

The Government Accountability Project, which is representing the two whistleblowers, said that “the conditions they witnessed caused physical, mental and emotional harm affecting dozens of children.”

Elkin and Mulaire say they were repeatedly ignored or discouraged by Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) superiors when they tried to report the substandard conditions and care children were living under.

The ACTIVIST corporate media framed Biden as the good guy of immigration. NBC said Trump was the bad one causing all kinds of calamity at the US – Mexico border.


The Biden administration COMPLAINS about the border situation Trump left. What was that legacy? 450 miles of big beautiful border wall.


Donald Trump did NOT force President Biden to stop construction on the border wall, Biden also defunded border security and returned 2 BILLION DOLLARS for border security back to the DOD.

20 GOP Governors came together in unison to demand Biden get his act together on the border crisis.

Biden is using executive power to help make the border crisis worst, the administration may be dumb but they aren’t dumb enough to not realize there’s a crisis at the border. They are simply ignoring the problem because acknowledging it would force them to begin accepting responsibility for their inhumane liberal policy.

Groups of young border crossers were flown into Chattanooga, Tennessee in the middle of the night, local media confirms in video footage released Wednesday.

The footage, obtained and published by WRCB-TV 3 News, shows groups of roughly 30-to-50 Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) — all seemingly in their teens — who were flown into Chattanooga by President Joe Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) after arriving at the United States-Mexico border.

The hypocrisy of the Biden administration is most immediately prevalent when you consider the so-called “Delta Variant” concern. At the US – Mexico border it’s a pandemic corridor. Of Biden’s own making. Biden is using the border crisis to make COVID worse and gain more federal power for the government by fear mongering.


The Biden Administration’s US – Mexico border policy plan? Was having no plan. They just got rid of anything Trump did and hoped the rest would sort itself out.


Nobody embodies the “No Plan” border policy more than VP Kamala Harris. March 22nd 2021: “Not today! Lololol” Harris told reporters when asked about a potential border visit.

Two days later? President Biden puts in her charge.


So people started asking Kamala Harris about visiting the US – Mexico border. “I’m not going to play political games,” she responds. (Ironic given the VP will eventually play political games.)

Kamala Harris was publicly stubborn about avoiding a visit to the US – Mexico border. For weeks. Both Republicans AND Democrats had to PUSH her, the PERSON IN CHARGE OF THE BORDER.


Kamala’s clown show performance peaked during her Central America trip. People kept asking: “Why haven’t you visited the border?” “NO GRAND GESTURES” and “I haven’t been to Europe either!” were her shameful responses. Kamala Harris made it about HER. She caused a distraction.

Never forget Kamala Harris only visited the border because Trump said he would.


Kamala Harris made it political theater. WHILE MIGRANT KIDS WERE DYING. “Leaked Video Shows Border Patrol’s Struggle to Revive 9-Yr-Old Migrant Girl Who Drowned Crossing Rio Grande”

Biden has allowed the Drug Trade at the border to flourish as well.


Cocaine-soaked Cereal? 2.8 million USD.

$11.5 million USD of meth in a produce truck.

$60,000 USD fentanyl burritos.


Biden and Biden’s voters have also created a DRUG CRISIS

They found FAR more fentanyl SO FAR in 2021 in various spots than 2020 TOTAL.


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