If you’re cultured in the internet even a little bit you know memes run the world. Doge Coin is no joke tho. Real people are being made billionaires thanks to the “meme” crypto. What better community to support a crypto currency than the meme community?

Doge has recently been exploding and hitting all time highs as it gets more exposure from people like Ben Baller, Elon Musk, and now Snoop Dogg.

Over the past week Bitcoin has seen over a 163.78% increase in price per coin.

Wall Streets Bet Chairman and Ben Baller host a dogecoin talk show on twitter that has been gaining popularity. Tonight they hit over 9,000 live listeners for the first time at around 1am.

Elon musk even joined in to listen. Elon is a huge advocate for dogecoin and is expected to mention it during his SNL apparently this Saturday.