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Deranged Radical Liberal Democrat Ruben Gallego Admits He Fantasizes About Stabbing People With Different Opinions Than Him. Threatens Majorie Taylor Greene And Her SUpporters.

On twitter today representative Ruben seemed to have some type of schizophrenic episode publicly. See the tweet below.

Schizophrenic Liberals and Blue Anon conspiracy theorist have continued to push their crazy conspiracies. Liberals believe there is a secret group attempting to make Donald Trump a dictator called Q anon. We are not sure if liberals actually believe they have seen a Q anon in real life or if the memory of Q anon has been implanted into their brains by the liberal media hoaxes.

During the Protest Ruben is refereeing to the only death related to it was a single unarmed protestor being shot in the neck by capitol police. Nobody else was assaulted or threatened as schizophrenic Ruben falsely remembers.

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