At least one suspect has attempted to enter CIA headquarters before exchanging shots with agents at the headquarters. FBI agents reportedly shot and wounded a suspect at the CIA HQ main gate, ending an early standoff. Suspect tried to gain unauthorized access to CIA HQ. FBI responded to a suspicious vehicle call. Local reporters said an Ambulance arrived after they heard 13 bangs/gun shots near the CIA HQ. An ambulance departed moments later with a police escort.

A police spokesman tells NBC News there is an ongoing security incident outside CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia that is being handled by the spy agency’s guard force.

The Fairfax County Police spokesman said his police department was helping manage traffic outside the heavily guarded main CIA entrance, off a busy thoroughfare in a Virginia suburb near Washington, D.C.

Two law enforcement officials said an intruder tried to drive into the CIA facility without access and was stopped by armed guards, who operate a series of gates. One official familiar with the matter said no shots had been fired, and another law enforcement source said CIA security officers were negotiating with the person, who remained in his or her vehicle.