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Since 2014 Every Black Person Liberals Say Were “Wrongfully” Killed By Police Was Killed In A Democrat City Except For 1. Data Proves Liberals Are Racist And Sacrificing Black Lives In Their Cities For Political Gain.

At Not A News Network we like to look for solutions to problems. To do that you have to find the source of the problems. That’s what we set out to do. When you look at all these cases and you ask what they have in common it’s almost always a cop shooting a black person in a Democrat city. There is an extremely significant relationship between Black deaths and Democrat Cities. Below you can see the list of those the left claim were wrongfully killed by police and who what party their mayor is a part of.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mayor: Democrat

Atlanta, Georgia

Mayor: Democrat

Rochester, New York

Mayor: Democrat

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mayor: Democrat

Louisville, Kentucky

Mayor: Democrat

Fort Worth, Texas

Mayor: Republican

Detroit, Michigan

Mayor: Democrat

Sacramento, California

Mayor: Democrat

Dallas, Texas

Mayor: Democrat

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Mayor: Democrat

Baltimore, Maryland

Mayor: Democrat

Charlotte, North Carolina

Mayor: Democrat

Staten Island, New York

Mayor: Democrat

Phoenix, Arizona

Mayor: Democrat

Brooklyn, New York

Mayor: Democrat

Sacramento, California

Mayor: Democrat

Cleveland, Ohio

Mayor: Democrat

List From Know Their Names

Cleveland, Ohio

Mayor: Democrat

  • Since 1964, out of the 77 mayors of cities where the most blacks are killed by police, 59 of them (77%), were elected as Democrats.
  • Meaning Black people are 54% more likely to be killed by police in Democrat Cities.
  • Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore, and Philadelphia have only elected Democrats since 1964; these cities, incidentally, also have some of the highest homicide rates in the country, with St. Louis at #1.
  • The Republicans elected in the largest cities (notably New York and Los Angeles) followed the massive increase in murders across the country and especially in the early 1990s.

For comparison From the FBI Crime Database we already know white people on average are over 100% more likely to be killed by police than black people nationwide.

The death of George Floyd, an African American, at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer has sparked weeks of urban protests, but also fierce condemnations of President Donald Trump. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio partly blamed the president for the unrest, noting “there’s been an uptick in tension and hatred and division since he came along.”

Less anger, though, was directed at Minneapolis’ political establishment. The Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (a merger of Minnesota’s Democrats and the state’s Farmer-Labor Party) has run the city since 1975. Instead, the New York Times ran a mild piece observing that, for Democratic leaders of Minneapolis and other cities, the violent events were “testing their campaign promises and principles.”

Floyd’s death was the latest in a series of disturbing incidents that have fed a growing belief among African Americans that they’re a target of abusive cops. For many, today’s tragic events evoke the experiences of the 1960s, when blacks who had moved into Northern cities clashed with hostile police departments, setting off similar riots.

What is striking is that the principal controversies then and now largely revolved around police departments in Democrat-controlled cities, with a few notable exceptions, like Ferguson, Mo. Despite decades of promises of reform, these cities — Baltimore, Chicago, and Minneapolis are notable recent cases — continue to struggle with relations between the police and minority communities. The media rarely acknowledge this failing of the party, and it seems to evoke little self-reflection among urban Democrats themselves.

Cities where the most black people have been killed by police

If these systems are racist and they are overwhelmingly controlled by Democrats who set budgets, pass laws, and hire police chiefs, we would be able to reasonably conclude that these Democrats, many of whom are black, are racist and perpetuating systemic racism. This seems like a ludicrous assertion but anybody who is making the claim that systemic racism is the cause of police violence toward blacks needs to reckon with the fact that the systems in which this type of violence most frequently occurs are overwhelmingly controlled by the Democratic Party.


#1 in blacks killed by police, 2013–2018: 52

Democratic mayors since 1964: 100% (8/8)

List starts over a decade after CRA because Richard J. Daley (D) was in office from 1955–1976.

Michael Bilandic (D) — 1976–1979

Jane Byrne (D) — 1979–1983

Harold Washington (D) — 1983–1987

David Orr (D) — 1987–1987

Eugene Sawyer (D) — 1987–1989

Richard M. Daley (D) — 1989–2011

Rahm Emanuel (D) — 2011–2019

Lori Lightfoot (D) — 2019-present

New York

#2 in blacks killed by police, 2013–2018: 42

Mayors elected as Democrats since 1964: 57% (4/7)

John Lindsay (R, switched to D) — 1966–1973

Abraham Beame (D) — 1974–1977

Ed Koch (D) — 1978–1989

David Dinkins (D) — 1990–1993

Rudy Giuliani (R) — 1994–2001

Michael Bloomberg (R, switched to None) — 2002–2013

Bill de Blasio (D) — 2014-present

St. Louis

#3 in blacks killed by police, 2013–2018: 33

Mayors elected as Democrats since 1964: 100% (8/8)

Alfonso J. Cervantes (D) — 1965–1973

John Poelker (D) — 1973–1977

James F. Conway (D) — 1977–1981

Vincent C. Schoemehl (D) — 1981–1993

Freeman Bosley Jr. (D) — 1993–1997

Clarence Harmon (D) — 1997–2001

Francis Slay (D) — 2001–2017

Lyda Krewson (D) — 2017-present


#4 in blacks killed by police, 2013–2018: 31

Mayors elected as Democrats since 1964: 78% (7/9)

Louie Welch (R) — 1964–1973

Fred Hofheinz (D)— 1974–1978

Jim McConn (R) — 1978–1981

Kathy Whitmire (D)— 1982–1992

Bob Lanier (D) — 1992–1998

Lee Brown (D)— 1998–2004

Bill White (D) — 2004–2010

Annise Parker (D) — 2010–2016

Sylvester Turner (D) — 2016-present

Los Angeles

#5 in blacks killed by police, 2013–2018: 27

Mayors elected as Democrats since 1964: 80% (4/5)

Thomas Bradley (D) — 1973–1993

Richard J. Riordan (R) — 1993–2001

James K. Hahn (D) — 2001–2005

Antonio Villaraigosa (D) — 2005–2013

Eric Garcetti (D) — 2013-present


#6 in blacks killed by police, 2013–2018: 27

Mayors elected as Democrats since 1964: 50% (3/6)

Jack Sensenbrenner (D) — 1964–1972

Tom Moody (R) — 1972–1984

Buck Reinhart (R) — 1984–1992

Greg Lashutka (R) — 1992–2000

Michael Coleman (D) — 2000–2016

Andrew Ginther (D) — 2016-present


#7 in blacks killed by police, 2013–2018: 24

Mayors elected as Democrats since 1964: 100% (9/9)

Thomas D’Alesandro III (D) — 1967–1971

William D. Schaefer (D) — 1971–1987

Clarence H. Burns (D) — 1987–1987

Kurt Schmoke (D) — 1987–1999

Martin O’Malley (D) — 1999–2007

Sheila Dixon (D) — 2007–2010

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (D) — 2010–2016

Catherine Pugh (D) — 2016–2019

Jack Young (D) — 2019-present

Oklahoma City

#8 in blacks killed by police, 2013–2018: 24

Mayors elected as Democrats since 1964: 33% (3/9)

Greg H. Shirk (unclear) — 1964–1967

James Norick (D) — 1967–1971

Patience Latting (D) — 1971–1983

Andy Coats (D) — 1983–1987

Ron Norick (R) — 1987–1998

Kirk Humphreys (R) — 1998–2004

Guy Lieberman (R) — 2004–2005

Mick Cornett (R) — 2004–2018

David Holt (R) — 2018-present


#9 in blacks killed by police, 2013–2018: 20

Mayors elected as Democrats since 1964: 67% (6/9)

Lou Ritter (D) — 1965–1967

Hans Tanzler (D) — 1967–1979

Jake Godbold (D) — 1979–1987

Tommy Hazouri (D) — 1987–1991

Ed Austin, Jr. (D, switched to R) — 1991–1995

John Delaney (R) — 1995–2003

John Peyton (R) — 2003–2011

Alvin Brown (D) — 2011–2015

Lenny Curry (R) — 2015-present


#10 in blacks killed by police, 2013–2018: 18

Mayors elected as Democrats since 1964: 100% (7/7)

Frank Rizzo (D) — 1972–1980

William J. Green III (D) — 1980–1984

Wilson Goode (D) — 1998–1992

Ed Rendell (D) — 1992–2000

John F. Street (D) — 2000–2008

Michael Nutter (D) — 2008–2016

Jim Kenney (D) — 2016-present

This should be no surprise coming from the same party that created the Jim Crow laws and spent the last 100 years fighting against civil liberties for black people, Like when Biden fought to keep schools segregated as a more recent example. The democrat/liberal/progressive/leftist movement is what is producing the systematic racism in our country. If we want to stop the black deaths we first have to make the Liberals go extinct. The only way to do that is by educating them with these facts. Make sure to share everywhere you can

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