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China Communist Party Slave King James Threatens Police Officer That Saved A Black Girls Life In Now Deleted Tweet!

Yesterday We reported on on the breaking news of a teenage girl shoot by police on Columbus, Ohio. For Liberals that was all they needed to hear. Shortly after Body cam footage was released showing the cop saved 2 girls lives. The girl shot was wielding a knife and attempting to murder a black girl. Racist white Liberals of course were quick to show how upset they were that a cop saved a black girls life.

Now LeBron has chimed in.


Just because you want someone on your basketball team doesn’t mean you want them to influence politics. Obviously LeBron is uniformed and virtue signaling for fans. We all know LeBron’s signature shoe line is made by child slaves in communist China – Except for LeBron apparently. He has the influence to call out and advocate for the end of the child slavery that makes his shoes, he could advocate for the end of gang violence in liberal cities that kills thousands more black lives. Surely we wont see LeBron call of the GENOCIDE of black babies through government funded abortion.

LeBron of course received overwhelming hate for his tweet and quickly deleted it and posted the following tweet:

If LeBron actually cared about saving lives he wouldn’t be race baiting and placing the race blame on every situation that obviously doesn’t involve race. Some liberals with no common sense or experience believe the solution is to tase or even shoot in the leg (holy shit the stupidity). These type of blue anon conspiracy theorist that will use every hypothetical they can think of from their moms basement are extremely dangerous and deranged. There is no reason to reason with them with real world experience, facts, or evidence as the liberal’s opinion is based on none of those things. Liberals base their opinions off of pure emotion. This emotional state makes it impossible for them to admit they are wrong so even when inside they know they are wrong and even presented with facts they will pretend they are right and have a mental meltdown and rely of the group think of others who have been tricked (like LeBron) to back upon their flawed beliefs.

It’s mainly about fitting in for liberals. That’s why they are almost always boring, unsuccessful, freaks that would rather find a group to label themselves with than be original and themselves.

An example: someone becomes trans and labels all their social media, pronouns, signatures, changes their name, changes their look. They do all that to be less like themselves and more like someone else. They transgender to be like the other transgenders. Making them less original as well. If you truly felt deep down you weren’t a male or female you wouldn’t need a label to prove it. you wouldn’t need unnatural surgery to make you feel more “natural”. Deep down these liberals just have to fit in to get by.

On the flip side there are true transgenders and intersex people, but it extremely rare and when a white liberal joins the lgbtq community to oppress themselves because their life in America is so good they have time to think of stupid shit like that unlike other countries where people their age can’t sleep at night because they don’t know if their house will be bombed in the middle of the night; they are not lgbtqrstuvwxyz they are attention seekers and they are actaully oppressing real trans and intersex people.


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