Chauvin Defense Attorney Nelson makes an official complaint in court about the conduct of Rep. Maxine Waters over the weekend. Cites that jury was not sequestered and it was highly likely that they saw the inciting comments in media, whatever channel they watch.

Judge grants that Rep. Waters’ comments may have given Nelson and Defense Team “something on appeal.” Nelson did not name Waters but the judge did. State accuses Nelson of muddying the waters with “vague accusations.”

Yesterday we reported on how you can help get Violence Inciter Maxine Water Expelled from congress and about how Maxine Waters Encouraged a few criminals to attack Police and National Guardsmen

Below is the video of Maxine Waters Inciting Violence and race baiting for her own gain:

If there is anybody in the whole world to be mad at or to protest, its Maxine Waters and the entire establishment using American’s as pawns to enrich themselves.