From What we can see and hear in the video it seems a Female Officer drew her Firearm instead of her non lethal tazer. Commands to taze can be heard, and the Female officer seems to be in shock when she realized what happened. This officer was just trying to protect people and because of a mistake she made as a result of a wanted criminal attempting to flee she will be labeled a racist white Supremacist by the liberal hate machine. Watch the video below.

BLM and other liberal grifters will make sure to take advantage of this tragic black death. Read the full story here.

As for the officer she should most likely be charge with involuntary manslaughter. This is a result of gang violence and having under-qualified police forces as a result of the Defund The Police Movement. Moral of the story bad training and even worse decisions by a suspect on the run have nothing to do with race like BLM would like.

One thought on “Breaking: Newly Released Police Bodycam Footage of The #DaunteWright Shooting Confirms Skin Color and Race Is Not A Factor As Some Racist Liberals Claim.”