Iran rejects the offer to unfreeze $1 billion of its assets in return for 20% uranium enrichment suspension at #JCPOA talks in Vienna.

Biden really wants to re-start the oil wars for his own financial and power gain.

One thought on “Biden Does negotiate With Terrorist. He OFfered Iran $1 Billion To Stop Enriching Uranium, And Iran Told Weak SLeep Joe NO!”
  1. […] Biden Recently Offered Iran $1 Billion in cash to stop enriching Uranium. You know the same policy from the Biden administration of giving terrorist pallets of cash. Iran who is clearly more interested in weapons than money quickly denied. Biden wasted no Time blaming Israel and Saudi Arabia who seemingly wasn’t much involved but needs to look like bad guys for Biden’s war to work. Now we hear Biden is prepared to lift bans on Iran, even those inconsistent with nuclear deal. That is bad news for America. […]