It seems immigrants with the Biden Virus are being specifically brought in the United States.

Approx 40% of the airport traffic this morning at Texas’ McAllen International appear to be migrants headed within the US. They are carrying boarding passes & paperwork that indicates they do not speak English.

Known covid positive people being placed and extremely crowded conditions for days. With only one outcome deliberately infecting others

I’m hearing that the “new immigrants” (illegal aliens) are being DELIBERATELY Infected with COVID 19, they are then dispersed throughout the country so another “COVID” outbreak can happen. Done so the DS can keep us locked down because of another “outbreak”.

Testing was suspended for these incoming “weaponized people” to hide just how many are carrying the virus.
Florida, Texas, are a particular Target for these newcomers, they are already being shipped to those States.

In Arizona, Texas, Florida, it will be very easy to introduce these people into predominantly Hispanic areas without notice.
Look for greatly increased covid cases at local hospitals/medical facilities out of proportion to the last few weeks.

We can turn on our TVs and see the next “Nationwide lockdown” happening. It will take months, or less, to reach the level that they hope for, expect huge attacks on gun rights prior to these new lockdowns.🙏🙏🙏

They won’t admit the real reason for the new outbreaks of course. They will blame it on people not following CDC guidelines during “summer activities”.

How many known infected? At least, how many admitted to. And each one kept in extremely overcrowded conditions with no washing, no soap, no ventilation, no sun. Allowing for widespread infection before they are dispersed throughout the country. Turning 20 infected into 100+ 🙏

Why won’t they give reporters access to these children?
what are they doing with these children that they don’t want anyone to see?

Originally tweeted by John (@Johnheretohelp) on March 8, 2021.

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