Trump says he we had the “strongest border under him” and also starts off explaining the media would never treat him that good, which is very true.

Trump says he had smaller number of kids in cages which is True, Biden is creating the problem by allowing our border to be unsecured

Biden accused Trump of starving immigrants, Trump said “Its just the opposite”, Trump sopped catch and release where people would be released into America and have no money or anywhere to go.

Trump says if the wall was finished which it could be by now the immigration problem would be far less worse automatically, Trump call on Biden to finish the wall

Trump agrees Biden got softball questions, we posted an article earlier exposing Biden.

Trump than proudly agreed with Nancy Pelosi because Trump got middle eastern countries to take back MS-13 terrorist.

Trump criticizes the fed for going after Trump supporters while ignoring ANTIFA. Trump calls for everyone left and right to be treated equally. Criticizes democrats for bailing out criminals.

Liberals think Minorities aren’t capable enough to get an ID because liberals are racist. Trump responds with the common sense that Voter ID and Signature verification are must haves live every other established country.

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