The LBTQ+ Community believes you can be gay, trans, or even identify as an attack helicopter. But the second people act like trans people and steal their attention the trans people quickly showed their true colors, Bigotry, and Love for Fascism and violence.

Shown above is one of the most popular place for Superphobes to meet. A PRO Trans discord where they wear diapers, openly worship Hitler, and spread more fascist/liberal ideas.

The party of love and inclusion sure doesn’t act very loving or inclusive

Could you imagine straight people saying they want to murder all trans people? it would be the biggest hate crime and liberal tear fest of all time. No double standard for liberals. Rules for thy not for I. The weak minded liberals are being beat at their own game, bigly.

Former Vice President and KKK Sympathizer Joe Biden recently announced March will be Super Straight Pride month.