I was just told that there are two possibly three signed executive orders, undated until the appropriate time, SERIOUSLY restricting firearms and ammunition. Part of the EO includes restrictions within MILES of government or federal lands, creating huge gun free zones

That encompass entire towns, cities, counties, including YOUR OWN HOME. Firearms kept in your home would then be illegal and subject to confiscation and additional licensure and fees.
Prohibitive taxes on arms and ammunition are proposed

As well as making all firearm transactions non-transferable. Meaning you can never sell a firearm, it has to be turned in to the government if you want to buy another one, because they intend to limit the amount you can own.
I am told Pelosi helped write these.

It's ok, I'm sure Cj Roberts will decide it's entirely "Constitutional"🙄

It's a way for them to break up "States Rights" by enacting this around Federal lands.
You're under arrest, I have a state permit, yes, but you drove through a "federal gun free zone".🙏

Originally tweeted by John (@Johnheretohelp) on January 28, 2021.