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GA Miracle: Georgia Officials Say Chatham County Has Stopped Counting, Massive Dump Right After 120,000+ Votes For Ossoff and Warnock

After This about 3 hours later around 11PM These were the current results

Then after the massive dump from a county that was supposedly done counting.

It IS UNREAL. They said they would have a massive dump and they did. Once again somehow 100% of mail in ballots they have had for weeks got counted after ballots submitted in person today.

Election Con Man Gabriel Sterling is already trying to explain the fraud. This is how democracy dies, with thunderous applause from the brainwashed left.


Brad Raffensperger CAUGHT Begging Chinese Lobbyist For Votes!

Raffensperger discusses absentee ballots at 0:48, discusses the number of votes he needs to win specifically at 1:12, hints at trading political favors with the expression “Out of little acorns, great trees grow” at 1:27, and again begging for votes at 3:12.

National File was the first I saw to break the story check out their article on it

Reverend Warnock Got EXPOSED For Wanting To Defund The Police and Committing Election Fraud

Watch Warnock’s OWN employees admit to what his true intentions are! Huge shoutout to project Veritas for all their hard work.

Exec Admits Org Registers Thousands Of Homeless To Vote At Same Address In Fulton Co. “Can’t even begin to tell you how many people have that address on their ID” “Board members got wind…thought we’re doing things not on the up and up…”

Central Night Shelter(Atlanta, GA) Board Member Adam Seely: “Probably a couple thousand people that had our address registered as their mailing address for their voter registration…I’m looking through it and I’m like this guy is DEAD…”

Facebook Is currently blocking The videos

Pence Weighing Options, May Send Electors Back To States and Say “Fix This”

Jenna Ellis suggests the vice president could seek clarity from legislators in states where election results are being disputed. Suggests Pence could defer certifying election, send requests to state legislatures

VP Pence is considering all options when he presides over the Electoral College at Joint Session of Congress on Jan. 6.