It is no secret to anyone paying attention that in America we have a UniParty system. That UniParty system loves to tell you it is Bi-Partisan. This December has been the complete opposite of Bi-Partisan. Parties like libertarian and of course Independent stand no realistic chance at the presidency or higher offices. The giant flow of money the 2 primary parties provide makes sure of that. So why should Trump reform a modern day patriot party?

Donald Trump Is Not A Republican


  • From 1989 to 2015, Donald Trump made $1,845,290 worth of political donations. Republicans received $1,150,540, and Democrats received $694,750.
  • Before 2011, Trump donated more money to Democrats than Republicans.
  • Between 2011 and 2015, Trump contributed $8,500 to Democrats and $630,150 to Republicans.

Prior to the runup to Trump’s run the majority of his political donations went to democrats. Donald Trump is one of the most Moderate President’s ever.

Donald Trump Knows How To Market Himself

The libertarian party should know they have no chance of winning with a low energy not well known candidate like Jorgensen. Who doesn’t know who Donald Trump is? He would be the perfect man to oversee the rise of the Patriot Party before he settles down and retires.

Overwhelming Support

Go ahead a do a search for “Patriot Party” on any of the major social media platforms. Conservatives all over the place are already getting behind the Patriot Party. Conservatives have put up with the GOP betraying them for long enough.

Divide and Conquer

The 2 party system relies on framing issues as polar opposites. For example Pro-Life Vs. Pro-Abortion. I think we can all agree that no one should have to give birth to their rapist baby. I think we can all agree that taxes shouldn’t be funding abortions. I think we all agree Planned Parenthood keeping fetuses alive to harvest organs and other matter isn’t okay. I think we can all agree the adoption system could use a major overhaul to support the winding down of the skyrocketing abortion rates.

My point here is that swamp politics use these issues to keep democrats and republicans divided. They never allow us to have the meet in the middle discussions. We are forced to go to one extreme or the other. The Powers The Be no doubt control which extreme is picked by having one side flop.

The Patriot Party is the perfect way to fill these gaps left by our corrupt system.