BREAKING: Trump files to SCOTUS a challenge to Wisconsin Supreme Court decision allowing 50,000+ absentee ballots. Trump filing seeks expedited consideration before Jan 6.

Petitioners are the President and Vice President of
the United States, currently seeking reelection to those
offices. Petitioners respectfully petition for a writ of
certiorari to review the judgment of the Wisconsin
Supreme Court concerning that State’s electoral votes.
Competing slates of electoral votes cast on December
14, 2020, in Wisconsin and in six other still-contested
States, are set to be counted in Congress beginning on
January 6, 2021. To minimize the prospect of delays in
that electoral count, petitioners request that this
petition be given expedited consideration and be
consolidated with any other petitions for certiorari
raising similar issues that the Court deems worthy of
review, including two filed from Pennsylvania.

Trump V. Biden Full Petition

Trump V. Biden Motion to Expedite